In the heart of the Chatillonais region you can visit the riverside village of Chatillon-sur-Seine, especially well known because of the ancient ‘treasure of Vix’ found nearby and now on display in a museum in the town. Also in Chatillon-sur-Seine you should visit the lovely 10th century Church of Saint-Vorles.

The Castle Rochepot towards the south-west dates in part from the Middle Ages and is one of the most attractive and interesting in Cote d’Or, with numerous turrets, a multi-coloured roof, and attractive gardens.

The name Cote d’Or comes from the golden leaves of the vines in the region.

Wine enthusiasts will also want to follow the ‘Route des Grand Crus’ that passes through the Cote d’Or region from Santenay to Dijon, with ample opportunities to try the wines en route and admire the countryside where the grapes are grown.

Among the best known wines from this region are Beaune, Nuits-Saint-Georges, Pommard and Meursault.