The ‘Mile High City’ is a place that very few would have identified as a foodie hot spot. However for those in the know who want to enjoy great cuisine in fabulous surroundings there are dining spots in the city that would put any other destination in the United sates in the shade, what ever your taste. So if you find yourself in the vicinity of Denver here are some great dining and entertainment spots that should be on your list of places to visit.

1. Mizuna.

This is French sophistication at its playful best – with a great wine list thrown in for good measure. Guest favorites include the pheasant breast and the Beef Wellington. For something a little off the wall tuck into the butter poached lobster mac and cheese – is sheer indulgence on a plate. The immaculate white tablecloths and thoughtful lighting arrangements make this the perfect venue for romantic evenings.

2. Beatrice & Woodsley.

For a slice of the unexpected take a seat at Beatrice & Woodsley where the rustic decor compliments an eclectic menu that evokes memories of pioneer food – at least that appears to be the inspiration. The reality is unexpected delights which will tantalize even the most jaded of taste buds. The made from scratch turtle dumplings and the rabbit ragu are only two examples of the approach to that otherwise might have been a humdrum attempt at a version of pioneer cuisine.

3. The Cart Driver.

Go down to River North and you will experience a delight when it comes to pizza, oysters and great gelato. The pizzas are perfection and the cocktail menu that are served from this converted shipping container are worth the trip and visit.

4. Sushi Den and Izakaya Den.

If you want to experience the freshest sushi, sashimi, nigiri and other Japanese delights then this is the place to be. The two brothers who own the dinning destination have a sibling in Japan who sends through over the freshest of seafood from the largest seafood markets in that country – so you are guaranteed a great Asian experience. For those who want to step away from the seafood heavy offerings there are always treats such as the ‘Kobe Beef Sliders’.

If you are Denver then do not neglect your cravings for some great dining – you will not regret your decision to indulge at some of the regions best eateries.